What Should You Know before Visiting Bridal Veil Falls in New Zealand?

Located on the west coast of North Island’s in the Waikato region, Bridal Veil Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in New Zealand. It is regarded as being the most glorious waterfall with a height of 55 meters, which is approximately 180 feet. There is a large pool at the base that is formed due to the waterfall over time. This spectacular waterfall is approximately 45-minute drive from Raglan and is surrounded by expanses of green and rolling hills.

Driving Instructions to the Waterfalls

Bridal Veil Falls is approximately 1 hour from Hamilton and it takes 2.5 hours’ drive from Auckland on a sealed road surface. If you are traveling from Hamilton, it is better to drive eastwards on the state highway SH23 till you find a signboard with ‘Bridal Veli Falls’. You have to take a left turn as soon as you notice this sign. Once you reach the waterfalls area, you will see a big car parking area on the Kauroa-Kawhai Road. If you are not keen on traveling for an hour or more, you can book your accommodation at a motel or vacation home in Raglan New Zealand, a small town that is just 15-minute walk from the waterfalls.

Walking Instructions

From the road outside, it is just 5-10 minute walk to the top of the waterfall that also leads you to the upper viewing platform. The path that takes you to the waterfalls is filled with a dense bush with ferns all around. As you move closer to the waterfalls, you can feel the cool mist blowing from the rushing water and you will be separated by only a small wooden fence from the lip of the waterfalls. You can use the stairs to reach to the bottom of the waterfalls where you can get a more impressive view.

Viewing Platform

The waterfall looks like a bride’s veil and hence the name Bridal Veil waterfalls. There are excellent views along the entire length of the path, but two viewpoints at the top provide an exceptional view of this amazing waterfall. The path that leads to these upper lookouts is appropriate for everyone. You can even wheel along kid’s strollers and wheelchairs. You need to continue along the path and get down a bunch of steps to reach the lower or middle viewing platforms. You will need another 5-10 minutes to get to the base of the waterfall. The lower viewing platform provides a shelter that is handy during strong winds and rains. Both the lookouts provide great photography opportunities. If there is sunshine, then you can see rainbow pictures in the mist of the waterfalls.

There are no public transport facilities to the waterfalls. A quick one day trip to the Bridal Veil Falls is well worth your time.

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